Can the Damaged Renal Function Be Improved

2017-05-24 11:54

Can the Damaged Renal Function Be Improved,Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyWith the progression of CKD, majority renal functions have been lost totally, with small residual kidney cells. The necrotic kidney cells cannot be repaired at all. Well then, can the damaged renal function be improved?

To be honest, we can do nothing for the necrotic kidney intrinsic cells, but for the damaged ones, we can stimulate them to improve the renal function.

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Our kidney has strong compensatory ability even though there is only 10% nephron, it is still maintains the kidney function. That is why we require ESRD patients must maintain the residual kidney function effectively. Otherwise, they will rely on Kidney Dialysis for a long term and suffer from the side effects. What is worse, they may have no choice but take Kidney Transplant.

How to repair the damaged kidney cells and improve renal function?

In general, there are two reasons that cause kidney damage: one is the blocked kidney microcirculation causes kidney cells lack of blood and oxygen; another is large amount of immune complexes retention damage kidney cells.

If you want to repair the damaged kidney cells, the proper treatment should deal with the anemia and expel the immune complexes out of the body. Western medicine is used for anemia and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on TCM for kidney damage and immune complexes.

How to keep kidney function as the repaired kidney cells?

You should strictly control various complications of CKD, like anemia, high blood pressure, Proteinuria, High Creatinine Level, High BUN Level, high urea acid and so on which affect kidney tissues and accelerate Kidney Failure.

Up to now, dialysis or kidney transplant is no longer the only choice for patients. If you want to know more details about Chinese treatments--Toxin-Removing Treatment for kidney disorder, you can leave message below or email us or consult on whatsapp. Best wishes!

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