Toxin-Removing Therapy for High Urea Acid 667 in Kidney Failure

2017-05-06 11:38

What is the process of nephropathy? Foam urine, Edema, and then the Proteinuria, occult blood, and then progression to the growth of creatinine? In most cases, Chronic Kidney Disease patients may be the similar process. However, Mr. Cheng, from Guizhou province, China was diagnosed with Kidney Failure for the first time, with no protein, no blood in urine, and his High Creatinine Level was up to 690!

He was suddenly vomiting and nausea early last year. At first he thought it was because of eating something wrong. In his local hospital, he was told he had “Double Kidney Stone, Kidney Failure”

During the hospital stay, the hospital gave long-lasting antihypertensive and hypocreatine drugs. And then he was admitted to the hospital a couple of times with the same drugs, his creatinine went up and down. In order to seek steady treatment, the son of uncle found out our medical treatment of TCM on the Internet, and added the doctor’s WeChat to consult, finally decided to come.

The drug sometimes controls creatinine, but since kidney function has not improved, uric acid has remained high. The examination found that creatinine was 369 and Uric acid was also above normal, at 667.

Toxin-Removing Therapy for High Urea Acid 667 in Kidney Failure

Because the kidney function does not improve, the accumulation of toxins in the body will continue to damage the kidneys. In order to remove the toxin and solve the kidney problem from the root, the doctor arranged Toxin-Removing Therapy for him based on TCM.

Through a period of treatment, Uncle Cheng became better and better. Nausea and vomiting also disappeared. Not only creatinine reduced to 313, but the uric acid was reduced to 323, which made him exited.

Toxin-Removing Therapy for High Urea Acid 667 in Kidney Failure

In daily life, we should attach great importance to the tiny changes of the body, could not let any signs of kidney disease off. Early treatment, you can reverse it in the early stage to avoid Kidney Dialysis.

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