Can Toxin-Removing Therapy Help Me Avoid Dialysis in Renal Failure

2017-02-17 18:12

Can Toxin-Removing Therapy Help Me Avoid Dialysis in Renal FailureHello, my mother has been suffering from Renal Failure for two years. In the past, she took ayuryeda medicines which are helpful for her. But now they are not effective any more. My mother doesn’t want to undergo Kidney Dialysis. Help…

According to your description, I know about your mother’s condition. First we should know why these medicines are not functioning for renal failure.

In Renal Failure, kidneys have been damaged severely so that excess toxins and waste accumulate in blood.

- Too many toxins of blood will affect the medication effects you take. The common treatment is let patients take medicine directly without cleansing blood. In this way, the therapeutic effects are certainly not good.

- Toxins affect kidney intrinsic cells and cause kidney disorder, which will also affect the medication effects.

- These medicines you take only control the symptoms but the damaged kidney tissues are not repaired. So the treatment effects are temporarily so that some symptoms, such as Edema and Proteinuria, relapse again and again.

How to treat renal failure to avoid dialysis?

From the above analysis, we can conclude the proper treatment should focus on eliminating toxins and wastes of blood. Dialysis just can remove part of toxins out of the blood, but the toxins in intrinsic cells, they are still there. Therefore dialysis is not effective.

Toxin-removing therapy is recommended which can help remove the harmful substances out of the body and repair damaged kidney tissues. With the help of this systemic treatment, they can discharge toxins from blood and intrinsic cells and then the active materials of medicine can enter damaged kidney directly. As long as kidney function is improved, the patient has possibility to avoid dialysis fundamentally.

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