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Uremia Treatment in Our Hospital with Chinese Medicine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-12-20 14:41

Kidney Failure,Chinese Medicine,Toxin-Removing TherapyAlfiya is 45 years old, comes from Novosibirsk, Russia and she is a patient with chronic nephritis and uremia. In her local hospital, she also accepts treatment but gradually her disease develops to uremia.

In 2010, Alfiya found that her legs have swelling and she also experiences headache, dizziness, chest distress and short of breath. The report in her local hospital shows blood pressure 200/120mmHg, urine protein 3+, urine occult blood 2+ and serum creatinine level 180umol/L. She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD). At this time, Alfiya’s disease just progresses to chronic renal failure in-compensation stage.

In 2012, her symptoms are worsened so she accepts treatment again. At this time, her blood pressure elevates to 220/120mmHg, hemoglobin reduces to 98g/L, protein in urine is 3+, serum creatinine level elevates to 400umol/L.

In 2014, her blood pressure is 230/110mmHg, serum creatinine is 800umol/L. Except for the above medications, She begins dialysis three times in a week. That is, her doctor begins to treat kidney failure. But at this time her disease has entered into uremia stage.

The reason of kidney disease is since there are many toxins in blood, this will lead to supercharge of kidneys. These toxins will deposit in kidney, causing renal cells’ hyperplasia and necrosis. Kidney disease occurs. Therefore, the treatment for kidney failure should start from cleansing toxins. Toxins in blood and kidneys should both be removed.

Alfiya stays in our hospital for 21 days and we use Toxin-Removing Therapy to help her discharge toxins from her body. Dialysis is not the only way for reducing high serum creatinine level. Chinese medicines can also bring high creatinine level down.

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