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Do We Have Other Choice for 14% Kidney Function

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-12-08 11:07

Kidney Failure,14% Kidney Function,Chinese Herb MedicineHello, my dad was diagnosed as kidney failure two years ago, dialysis treatment for him now. But his kidney function is only 14%, do we have other choice for him?

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In fact, for patient with 14% kidney function their life are in great risk, so they should take relative treatment timely. However, dialysis is not the only choice for them.

Why dialysis is not the only choice for kidney failure patient with 14% kidney function?

In general, once the patient’s kidney function downs to 14% that means the disease has fall into Uremia which is a life-threatening disease so they need to take dialysis to expand the life span. While now the condition has changed, which means patients have chance to avoid dialysis.

How to help kidney failure patients with 14% kidney function avoid dialysis?

Chinese Herb Medicine bring new hope to the kidney disease patient, with remarkable effect and little side effect, it is loved by many people. By discharging the wastes and promoting blood circulation to protect the residual Kidney function and repair the damaged one. So for patient who are in the early stage of this disease, they can get recovery from it. Even the patients have got End Stage Renal Disease just like we mentioned above, they also can have a chance to live better and longer without suffering from dialysis. Of course, you do not have to worry about kidney transplant at the same time.

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