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How to Lower Creatinine 3.4 and Prevent Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-11-12 11:11

Prevent Kidney Failure,Creatinine 3.4,Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress TherapyHow to lower creatinine 3.4 and Prevent Kidney Failure? Maybe you are looking for effective treatments for your illness condition with creatinine 3.4. Do you want to control it to prevent kidney failure happen?

Why creatinine 3.4 happen on patients with kidney disease?

Creatinine is the waste product of muscle. Healthy kidney can filter the proper amount of creatinine from the body. But with the decline of kidney function, a high level of creatinine will build up in the blood. Creatinine 3.4 does not mean your kidney disease is serious. And most of kidney functions are remained. However, the effective therapy is necessary under this condition to avoid the worse condition occurring.

Is there any effective way to reduce creatinine 3.4 and prevent kidney failure?

There are a lot of natural herbs that can benefit the kidneys so as to lower high creatinine. Some herbs such as dandelion root, cornsilk are natural diuretics which can help increase urine output and at the same time clear more creatinine and other wasteful substances with urination. Some herbs have natural anti-inflammatory functions which can help cleanse the kidneys and urinary tract. And some herbs have direct effects on lowering creatinine level such as cinnamon, stinging nettle, salvia and Siberian Ginseng, etc.

Those medicine can be adopted in Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy for kidney disease patients to reduce creatinine throuth clean toxins in blood. At the same time, it can also repair the damage on kidneys and restore kidney function for patients to prevent the increase of illness condition. Thus will prevent kidney failure happen effectively.

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