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How Does Blood Pollution Therapy Treat Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-10-10 10:54

Kidney Failure,Blood Pollution Therapy,Clean Toxins in BloodHow does Blood Pollution Therapy treat Kidney Failure? Blood Pollution Therapy is created as a big breakthrough of kidney disease treatment. The principle of this therapy is removing toxins and waste, to rebuild a a good environment within the kidneys. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the steps of Blood Pollution Therapy treat Kidney Failure?

Step 1: Remove stasis with various blood purification methods and medicines

The biggest superiority of this step is to adopt different blood purification methods and medicines, according to the degree of blood pollution and patients’ illness condition. In this step, waste products and toxins both in blood vessels and adhering to vascular walls can be removed out completely. This can provide a clean and stable internal environment for the following treatments.

Step 2: Add essential ingredients to blood Once blood is polluted, not only extra toxins build up in blood but also some essential ingredients are lost. According to the degree of damage to various blood cells, clotting mechanism and haematogenous mechanism, all kinds of missing ingredients will be added into blood. With enough nutritions and clean internal environment, physiological mechanism of blood circulation will recover to normal gradually. Once blood circulation can work properly, it will provide enough blood and oxygen for kidney inherent cells and prevent further kidney damage.

Step 3: Rebuild kidney function Based on maintaining a good blood circulation and normal physiological mechanism for long term, damaged kidney cells can be restored with their self-curative ability. As long as kidney cells work correctly, patients’ kidney function will be improved largely. Then, we can decide patients’ kidney damage is reversed successfully.

Once the kidneys do not have too much toxins and have good condition to work again that there will be a great chance to restore kidney function and prevent kidney transplant in then end.

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