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Is Dialysis the Best Choice for Kidney Failure Patients with Creatinine 7.9

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-07-10 17:38

Is Dialysis the Best Choice for Kidney Failure Patients with Creatinine 7.9Doctor, I was diagnosed as kidney failure patient last year and recent test shown that my serum creatinine level has up to 7.9. The doctor recommend dialysis to me, i want to know is dialysis the best choice for me?

For this kind of case, as a matter of fact dialysis can be one of the choices for this patient but not the best choice. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why dialysis is not the best choice for kidney failure patient with creatinine 7.9?

As we all know dialysis is the most quickly way to eliminate part of the toxin in human bodies. It is able to alleviate serious symptoms in a short time, but it have no power to treat for kidney disease and repair kidney damage to restore kidney function. Due to kidney function was damaged, so that there will be lots of toxins which can not discharged out of body and hurt kidneys. Too much burden on kidneys and toxins hurt make the kidney damage more and more serious, then there will be so many complications happened on patients.

Furthermore, dialysis also causes many side effects, such as fatigue, muscle cramps, itchy skin and infection. What’s more, dialysis impacts heart, so it may put the patient’s life in great risk.

Is there any other choice for kidney failure patient to avoid dialysis?

We can see that this kind of pateints is in stage 4 kidney disease, which is a very important turning point in the progression of kidney disease. With effective and timely treatment for this kind of patients that the patients will have great chance to make illness condition better than before. The kidney function can be improved and dialysis can be avoided. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be a good choice for kidney failure patients, it has been proved to be effective in treating kidney failure.

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