How to Improve Kidney Function for a Patient Need to Take Dialysis 3 Times a Week

2016-05-21 15:07

How to Improve Kidney Function for a Patient Need to Take Dialysis 3 Times a WeekHow to improve Kidney Function for a patient need to take dialysis 3 times a week? My kidney function is only 16% and doctor suggested dialysis 3 times a week, what can I do to improve my kidneys functions? Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Does dialysis really can help patients to improve kidney function?

To be honest, dialysis is only a kind of method for patients with kidney failure to eliminate some parts of wastes and excessive water in blood. The mainly purpose of it is to alleviate the symptoms of kidney failure patients. While, it is not helpful for patients to improve kidney function. With dialysis treatment that the urine output of patients becomes more and more less. In other words, little blood through kidneys will make the urine volume become little, and the blood is not enough to supporting normal kidney function.

That is to say, dialysis is not only unable to improve kidney function, but also will make the kidneys have a further damage and lose more kidney function.

How to improve kidney function effectively?

For patients who need to take dialysis 3 times a week, that their kidneys are damaged very serious. So for this kind of patients the most necessary thing is to reduce the times of dialysis. Once kidney damage repaired and kidney function improved that dialysis can be reduced effectively.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy are two effective treatment which can repair kidney damage and improve kidney function.

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