Why Patients with End Stage Kidney Failure Do Not Want to Take Dialysis Anymore

2016-04-25 14:44

Why Patients with End Stage Kidney Failure Do Not Want to Take Dialysis AnymoreWhy patients with End Stage Kidney Failure do not want to take Dialysis anymore? Even though Dialysis is the fastest and most efficient way for alleviating all kind of symptoms of kidney disease or saving patients’ life in some emergency situations. But there are still so many patients do not want to take dialysis. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why patients with End Stage Kidney Failure want to get rid of dialysis?

Both of us should know that dialysis is very helpful for kidney failure. But it has so many side effects. With dialysis the condition will be more and more serious and the times of dialysis will be increasingly. Nausea, vomiting, headache, poor appetite and some other symptoms will be our of control.

In addition those symptoms that the urine values will become more and more less with dialysis treatment. That means kidney function almost lose completely. Then only kidney transplant will be the last choice for them.

How to help them get rid of dialysis?

As a matter of fact, dialysis is supplement the lost part kidney function to eliminate some part of toxins and wastes in blood. So that if patients do not want to have dialysis the only way for them is to make the kidney recover its function, while then the first thing is to repair kidney damage.

Stem Cell Therapy as an effective treatment for kidney failure which is aim at repairing kidney damage and supplement lose part of kidney tissues. It can also reproduce a lot of red blood cells to increase blood through kidney. So that the kidney will have power to discharge some part of toxins and wastes in blood by itself. Then dialysis will be reduced or avoided effectively.

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