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Creatinine 423 for Renal Atrophy Reduced By Stem Cell Therapy Is Possible

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-04-01 10:14

Creatinine 423 for Renal Atrophy Reduced By Stem Cell Therapy Is PossibleRenal atrophy is a pathological anatomy term, based on the volume of the kidney and the person's age, gender and body height and weight compared with each other, relatively small or significantly reduced an anomaly. Kidney disease for a long time, resulting in renal units, especially glomerular damage, the entire kidney appears smaller in size. More information about it you can call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

How to Look at The Relationship Between Renal Atrophy and High Rreatinine?

Creatinine 423 for renal atrophy patients means their condition have developed into stage 3 kidney disease. The situation will become more and more serious without effective control.

Glomerular and tubular part or all of the damage, the kidneys lose the physiological functions. Therefore, renal atrophy and renal function are complementary. Once the kidney lose its function, the excretion, generate, maintain, secretion will be damage, so that the kidney can not work as normal to discharge the toxins and waste, the creatinine level will rise up. The higher creatinine values will cause more serious kidney damage or renal atrophy. That is to say, there is a complementary relationship between them.

How to Reduce Creatinine 423 for Renal Atrophy with Stem Cell Therapy?

Reduce creatinine need to find the source, that is to say patients need to repair the damage kidney cells, make them recover the ability to reproduce by themselves. Stem cell therapy use the inherent cells from patients’ body to repair the damage of kidney and kidney function. Increase the health kidney cells to replace the damaged cells. So that the creatinine level will back to normal and the renal atrophy will be improved.

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