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Is End Stage of Kidney Failure Must Have to Choose Kidney Transplant

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-03-13 16:04

Is End Stage of Kidney Failure Must Have to Choose Kidney TransplantIs End Stage of Kidney Failure must have to choose Kidney Transplant? Kidney Failure is a kind of kidney disease which is mainly because of the damage of kidney function. It will cause the whole whole kidney lose its function. You can read this text to find the answer of contact with our ONLINE DOCTOR directly.

End Stage of Kidney Failure

According to the report that Kidney Failure will causes a lot of serious results and brings so many symptoms. First patients have to choose Dialysis to be an alternative treatment. It will release the symptoms quickly but once Dialysis is stopped, the condition will become more dangerous than before. The kidney is going to shrink and there will have no blood through, no urine produced. In the end patients have to take Kidney Transplant.

Kidney Transplant Is Not A Good Choice

First, the cost is too much for normal families to bear. Second, the survival rate is not ideal. In addition, patients who has been take Kidney Transplant operation have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their life. There is another danger, IgA Nephropathy cames back very easily after Kidney Transplant.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treat Kidney Failure

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy use the combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine to treat Kidney Failure. It can block the process of kidney function damage from fundamentally, prevent the worsening progression of illness conditions. Kidney function will be repaired and discharge toxins by kidney again. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital have received so many patients with this problem and make them get a better recover.

We hope there will be some helpful for you. If you are the patients with Kidney Failure and want to know more information about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you can send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, contact us with Skype:abc.kidney or viber/whatsapp: +86 13503211882 is also okay.


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