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Why the Renal Failure Patients Appear Vomiting Even after the Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-12-29 14:03

Why the Renal Failure Patients Appear Vomiting Even after the DialysisWhen the patients are diagnosed with the renal failure, there will accompany some painful symptoms even after the dialysis, such as the vomiting, anemia, headache, muscle cramps and so on. These symptoms make the renal failure patients can’t live a normal lives, and sometimes they even want to give up their lives. I want to say, please don’t give up, because there always be hope. Next, I will discuss why the renal patients appear vomiting and then give you an effective therapy.

Why renal failure cause the vomiting?

Kidney, as an important organ of the human body, it can filtrate the harmful waste out of the body and keep the balance of the acid and electrolyte. And when the kidney is damaged, a lot of the acid and electrolyte will restrained in the body and even worsen to acidosis. And with the blood circulation through the dialysis, the extra acid will reach to the stomach and respiratory tract, which can lead to the vomiting. And some side effects of the western medicine also can cause the vomiting for the renal failure patients.

Chinese medical treatment to deal with the renal failure patients vomiting even after the dialysis

According to the reasons, we can get rid of the acid with the Chinese Medicated Bath, which is a traditional therapy and it can deal with a lot of difficult diseases. The Chinese medial bath is composed by various kinds of the traditional Chinese medial herbs, and though a long time boiling, they can be made into medial soup. Then ,we mix a certain of hot water with the medial soup, the Chinese medial bath is be done. The renal failure patients can soak into the hot medial bath. After some times, they will start to sweat, a lot of the waste including of the acid will bring away by the sweat. And the active Chinese medicine can be penetrated to the damaged renal, and treat the renal from the root. Compared with the dialysis, the Chinese medial bath has not any side effects and is so comfortable to the patients.

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