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How You Overcame Renal Failure without Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-04 14:45

How You Overcame Renal Failure without DialysisRenal Failure, also known as kidney failure or renal insufficiency, is a medical condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter waste products from the blood. The two main forms are acute kidney injury, which is often reversible with adequate treatment, and chronic kidney disease, which is often not reversible. In both cases, there is usually an underlying cause. When you are diagnosed with the renal failure, it is time for you to hold faith to overcome it, while I am sorry to tell you the dialysis is not a suitable to you. If you want to know more other treatments about renal failure, you can contact our ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why dialysis is not a suitable choice for renal failure patients

Dialysis is the treatment which uses a special fluid that contains a mixture of pure water and chemicals to carefully pull waste, salt and extra water out of your blood without removing substances the body needs. We always call it as the article kidney. While the dialysis has no use of improving the kidney function. Even the patients undergoing the dialysis, their condition may worsen gradually.

Other treatments for renal failure patients

Now that the dialysis is not a proper way to the renal failure patients. So they need to seek other treatments, if you come to china, you can find the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which has gain great achievements in dealing with the renal failure. The main composition of this therapy is the Chinese medical powders which are crushed by some Chinese medial herbs. And these medical powders are supposed to send to the damaged kidney parts. So that the damaged kidney cells and tissues will be reversed, they will tuned to be healthy. And at the same time, the whole blood circulation will be improved, more harmful waste will be taken away by the urine. At last, the renal function of the renal failure patients will improve.

Beside the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, there are also other Chinese medical treatments can help the renal failure patients overcome the disease. If you are willing to know them, you can send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882.


It is quite hard to fight against kidney disease for a long time. Now, a lot of kidney experts here try to give biggest help for kidney patients. If you have some questions about any kind of kidney disease, welcome to contact us by the following ways.

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