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Latest Treatments to Prevent the Nephritis Worsen to the Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-10-19 10:43

latest treatments to prevent the nephritis worsen to the kidney failure It is so sorry for some people are diagnosed with the nephritis, which seems to be not serious. But, if there is not effective control, the nephritis may worsen to the kidney failure. Without to say, it is so important for the nephritis patients to find the latest treatments.

What are the symptoms of the kidney failure?

In order to prevent the kidney failure, it is necessary for them to know clearly the symptoms of the kidney failure. One of the most important sign of the kidney failure is the creatienine level. When your creatinine level rising to 443umol/l, that is mean you have reach to the kidney failure stage. Beside that, the patients will suffer form some other symptoms, such as, vomiting, anemia, edema in the eyes and the face, high blood pressure, muscle cramps and so on.

Latest treatments for the nephritis patients to prevent the kidney failure

In our hospital, we mainly make use of the Chinese medical herbs to prevent the kidney failure. There are “four plus seven” Chinese medical treatments. Which are used to repair the kidney function. The “four” include of a bottle of Maikang Composition, an oral Chinese Medicine, a dose of external application medicine and a basin of foot medical bath. The “seven” refers to seven external applications, they are Steaming Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath, Circle Thrapy, Medicated Bath, Enema Therapy, Frangrance Therapy. Though treating by the treatments, the damaged kidney cells will be controlled effectively, they will stop to worsen. At the same time, the whole blood circulation will be improved, some harmful waste will be discharged out of the body.

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