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How to Prevent Renal Failure Without Dialysis and Treatment

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-09-19 18:34

How to Prevent Renal Failure Without Dialysis and TreatmentThe prevention of acute Renal Failure is mainly to prevent protopathy actively.Avoiding and dispelling induction factor is the basic of prevention. If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR, we will reply to you as soon as possible.Therefore,we should look out the following three points:

Take good care of the five internal organs.

We should usually have a balanced daily life and diet, paying attention to hygiene and avoiding exogenous evil’s hitting,and especially reinforce the prevention measures in the infectious-disease-popular season or area. We should not eat too much piquancy and roast to avoid breeding damp and hot.We should smooth our emotions,keep euphoria , make qi and blood fluently and then avoid producing qi-stagnation and blood stasis.We should strengthen physical exercise to improve our body’s defense capability.

Prevent toxication

Pertinent data shows that 20%~50% acute renal failure is caused by drug and there is partly some caused by the touch of hazardous substance.Therefore,we should try to avoid using and contacting the medicine or poison which is virulent for kidney.If we take or touch them by accident ,we should find it in time and treat it as soon as possible.

Prevention and cure in time

Once protopathy which induces acute renal failure happens,we should treat it as early as possible.Pay attention to expand blood volume,correct the water and electrolyte disturbance and the acid-base imbalance,and then recover circulatory function.If we find this disease will happen,we should take measures at the early stage.Supplement blood volume,increase cardiac output,recover the renal flowing quantity and glomerular filtration rate,exclude the gorge in kidney tubules,prevent and cure infection,prevent the renal virtual damage caused by DIC and renal ischemia. Meanwhile,to apply promoting circulation and removing stasis medicine as early as possible plays an active role in preventing this disease.

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