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Is There any Treatment for Renal Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-07-22 11:52

Is There any Treatment for Renal FailureRenal Failure refers to a medical condition, in which the kidneys are unable to work adequately to filter blood and excrete wastes from body any longer. It can develop for decades known as Chronic Renal Failure or occur suddenly. our ONLINE DOCTOR will help you.

There are some symptoms such as nausea, vomiting; fatigue; appetite loss; sleep problem; changes in urine output; swelling of every area of the body; skin itching; difficulty breath, if the lung is filled with fluid; High blood pressure, Mental problems.

Kidney transplant

Kidney Transplant can help the patients with Renal Failure recover normal renal function by replacing the diseased kidneys with a new one. However, it is pretty hard to get a compatible donor and many patients on waiting list may die when they wait for their transplant. Meanwhile, some potential risks can not be preventable. Kidney rejection reaction is a big problem for patients. Lifetime dependence on immunosuppressive drugs can increase the risk of developing cancer, Diabetes and other diseases significantly. Additionally, Renal Failure may occur after transplant, especially in immune kidney diseases such as Lupus Nephritis, FSGS, Membranous Nephropathy. 


Immunotherapy is an integrated therapy of Chinese medicine and western medicine. It aims at treating Renal Failure by restoring impaired kidney structure and eliminating the harmful substances in body completely as well as controlling the underlying cause of kidney damage--immune dysfunction.

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