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How to Treat Kidney Failure Symptoms: High Blood Urea Nitrogen

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-24 15:57

How to Treat Kidney Failure Symptoms: High Blood Urea NitrogenHigh Blood Urea Nitrogen is an abnormal medical indicator that can bring patients lots of symptoms.In clinic, high urea nitrogen level in blood may be a spell of kidney failure which can not be cured and generally needs patients to start dialysis or kidney transplant. In this light, it is very beneficial for us to learn about the symptoms of high blood urea nitrogen. our ONLINE DOCTOR will help you.   

What is blood urea nitrogen and how it help to reflect kidney function?       

Urea nitrogen is the end product of protein, the necessary substances of our body. Usually, the much more protein we ingest, the much more urea nitrogen are produced. For a healthy individual, excess urea nitrogen can be discharged by the kidneys and blood urea nitrogen level is kept in the range 8-20mmol/L.

Symptoms of high blood urea nitrogen in kidney failure   

In kidney failure, blood urea nitrogen level increases quickly when Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) decreases to only a half of the normal range. Therefore, elevated blood urea nitrogen means serious illness condition.

Not all the kidney failure patients with high blood urea nitrogen will certainly suffer from all the above symptoms. With different illness condition, patients may experience different symptoms. Therefore, when one found he has some of the above symptoms, he should be alert about his kidneys and go to hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Herbal medicine is applied externally to work to expand the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation, enhancing the blood and oxygen supply to the kidneys, thus restoring the overall renal function over time.   

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