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Is There any Treatment for Patients in Kidney Failure Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-04-15 14:07

Is There any Treatment for Patients in Kidney Failure PatientsDialysis is a measure that cleans waste products and extra fluid by filtering blood to regulate blood pressure and keep electrolyte level in balance, alleviating poisoning symptoms. Generally speaking, Dialysis is effective measure to eliminate toxic substances in the body, reaching to some level. But patients will appear to anemia, fatigue, headache and muscle cramping after dialysis.

Is there any Treatment for Patients in Kidney Failure Patients?

Patients should keep blood pressure stable and healthy diet. High blood pressure will lead to glomerular sclerosis. It is bad for kidney function that fluctuation of blood pressure.

There are some patients are suitable for taking hemodialysis such as patients with blood urea nitrogen (BUN) over 20mmol/L, serum creatinine over 400umol/L.

Apart from dialysis, we hospital also take micro-Chinese Osmotherapy to alleviate patients’ pain. It can boost the function of kidney function. It aims at improving effect and pertinence, which it almost has no side effect.

We also use blood purification treatment, which is a series of treatment options which can clean the wastes and harmful substances, those cause and damage renal function such as immune complexes, extracellular matrix, inflammatory factors, etc. Blood purification treatment includes plasm exchange, immune adsorption, etc.

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