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Is There Best Treatment for Kidney Failure in U.S.

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-03-21 15:45

Is There Best Treatment for Kidney Failure in U.S“My mother has high Creatinine, abnormal BUN and other symptoms. She felt backache, legs Edema, nausea and tired. Is there best treatment for kidney failure in U.S?” This is one of patients case and she want to seek best treatment for prolonging her life. Please do not worry about your disease and come to our hospital for health. If you have any question, please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR for free. 

Many patients are told to take dialysis for alleviating symptoms. Of course, many patients alleviate pain gradually. But they suffered from much pain and want to get rid of dialysis. They are seeking alternative treatment in U.S, India or Iraq. The Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is only in China. Why? Because there are many traditional Chinese Medicine dated back thousands of years in ancient China. We advocate concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine and treat disease from the root and prevent other potential disease from attacking. It refers that Chinese herbology is applied in the guidance of Han nationality traditional medical skill. Chinese herbology contains vegetable drug and animal medicine. Compendium of Materia Medica is written by Li shizhen before thousands of years. With the development of medical technology, we hospital take unique treatment for patients with kidney failure combined with ideas of Chinese herbology.

TCM is become more and more popular increasingly in around world. The main materials are picked from natural plants, which have little side effects for patients. And the main materials refined into powder and packaged into two medicated bags. And then patients just lie down on the two medicated bags, with the help of osmotic equipment, the active substances in the main materials can penetrate into inside kidney through skin. It is help for alleviating patients’ complications. Of course, this treatment is only in China at present.

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