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Pay More Attention to the Treatments for Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-11-08 10:06

Pay More Attention to the Treatments for Kidney Failure For most of Kidney Failure patients, the goal of therapy is to slow down or half the progression of CKD to stage 5. Control of blood pressure and treatment of original disease, whenever feasible, are the broad principles of management. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details about this or other useful information quickly and directly for free.

1. Choose a scientific treatment

The process of Kidney Failure means the gradual exacerbation of renal lesions. To block the deterioration of renal cells is the basic point of the treatments. Based on patient’s different disease condition and state of health,doctors will apply different Chinese medicines, doses and treating methods to solve the renal lesions and relieve the symptoms as far as possible. Like Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Enema Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy and so on. These therapies can help control and relieve proteinuria, hematuria, edema or hypertension,improve the renal environment and delay Kidney Failure.

2. Comprehensive treatment

This purpose of this measure is to improve Kidney Failure patient’s living quality. Renal lesions will effect and damage their systemic multiple systems and organs, lead to complicated serious clinical symptoms. Integrative Medicine is beneficial to delay the progress of Kidney Failure.

3. Healthy diet

To keep a healthy diet plays an important role in protecting patient’s remaining renal function and controlling the serious complications. Taking a scientific and reasonable diet, preventing the cold and avoid nephrotoxic drugs can really help patients more to reduce renal pain.

All of our unique therapies are committed to repair renal damage, adjust the immune balance and improve the renal function fundamentally. Any problems or doubts about your own or our therapies, please Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com or leave message on below, we are glad to offer you more professional guidance quickly for free.


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