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Is Hemodialysis Painful for Kidney Failure Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-10-27 14:25

Is Hemodialysis Painful for Kidney Failure PatientsHemodialysis is one kind of dialysis that can be used to replace the impaired kidneys. It has become more and more common in modern society for most of Kidney Failure patients to live longer. But it really is a difficult choice for patients to choose. Is it painful ? How much can it help for patients ? Online Doctor can help you learn more about your disease condition and other information about treatments and so on directly and quickly for free.

Actually, the technique of Hemodialysis is more mature at present. In addition to vascular fistula, hemodialysis itself is not painful. Besides,keeping a healthy diet,preventing the complication and the high cost burden will lead to a huge impact.

Hemodialysis prolongs patient’s life obviously but it can not replace the kidneys completely. It can not eliminate the BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) completely and can not correct metabolic disorder absolutely. In fact, as a kind of alternative therapy,dialysis cannot have endocrine instead of Kidneys.

As the dialysis time extends,the accumulation of toxins, metabolic disorders and endocrine dyscrasia all will cause a series of of complications, effecting patient’s living quality and survival time.

Besides, to grasp the method of dialysis and keep a positive mental attitude is beneficial for patient’s disease condition. Relieving the fear and tension can relieve patent’s pain.

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