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Can I Take Antipruritics to Relieve Skin Itch in Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-08-30 10:54

Can I Take Antipruritics to Relieve Skin Itch in Kidney FailureHello,Doctor. I want to get some information about the treatments for my son’s itchy skin. He was diagnosed with CKD several years ago. Recently his private doctor said that his disease condition worsens and need to take Dialysis to maintain his disease condition and prolong his life. But now his disease condition is not optimistic. His skin is pruritic and he even can not sleep in night. What should I do to relieve his disease condition ? Is it good for his to take Kidney Dialysis to maintain his life ? Please help me,please.

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Firstly,it is NOT good for Kidney Failure patients to take the Antipruritics to ease the itching. Once scratches,bacterial infection is very likely to happen,which will aggravate patients’ disease condition. Then some healthy items need to notice.

1. Change patients’ position regularly and turn over a body every 2 to 3 hours. Pay more attention to avoiding scratch,aggravating patients’ disease condition.

2. Please keep patients’ bed in smooth,clean and dry. In particular,patients should keep their skin also in clean and dry.

3. It is good for patients to take a sponge bath with hot water or massage to promote the local blood circulation and prevent the bedsore from occurring.

Local skin itching can be wrestled with exposure by infrared ray or floorlamp,drying out the surface of a wound,promoting the blood circulation and protect the wound recovery.

In general,if Kidney Failure patients can do all of the above,their disease condition can be relieved better. If not,it is necessary for patients to take necessary treatments to controal and relieve their disease condition. Please Do NOT take medicine randomly.

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