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Acupuncture Relieve Your Renal Hypertension and Sleeplessness

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-07-10 14:16

Acupuncture Relieve Your Renal Hypertension and SleeplessnessFor most of patients with Kidney Failure,high blood pressure and sleeplessness are both common symptoms in their sick days. Here the article will recommend a kind of natural therapy for you control and relieve your higher level of blood pressure. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details directly and quickly for free.

Renal hypertension is a kind of high blood pressure caused by the renal damage. Kidney Failure is a progressive loss in renal function over several months or years. As the disease worsens,more renin will be secreted,activating the RAAS (Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone System) and increasing the blood pressure. Actually,due to the impaired kidneys,excess toxin,water,waste and metabolites can not be excreted with urine,accumulating in blood and increasing the blood pressure.

With the disease processing,more and more symptoms and complications will appear,effecting and damaging patents’ health. Worse,there are no effective treatments that can be taken to control and relieve their disease condition. It will influence patients’ emotion,causing severe mental stress and leading to sleeplessness.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy, which has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese medicine explains it as a therapy for balancing the flow of energy, known as qi through channels or meridians by stimulating these specific acupuncture points.

Acupuncture can improve the blood circulation so as to increase blood flow to the kidneys. Thus high blood pressure can be relieved and improved. What’s more,it can also prevent further kidney damage,repair the damaged renal tissues and recover renal functions. For more details? Send to : kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.

It is important that acupuncture is a kind of natural therapy that will not cause other side affects to affect patients’ life. Besides,acupuncture can cooperate with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to remedy the renal damage fundamentally if patients’ disease condition is not serious.

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