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Malnutrition of Kidney Failure in Kidney Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-06-23 15:03

Malnutrition of Kidney Failure in Kidney DialysisMalnutrition is a description of health condition. It refers to a kind of nutrition deficiency,nutrition excess or nutritional imbalance caused by the unbalanced diet. Here the malnutrition is a state that is mainly caused by the kidney disease and the inapposite therapies and so on. Hope this article can give something you need to protect and take better care of yourselves. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details directly and quickly for free.

Patients with Kidney Failure often face many serious symptoms and complications owing to the damaged kidneys. Too much water,waste,toxin and metabolite in blood causes many problems for patients. Edema,high blood pressure,anorexia,sleeplessness,anemia or even heart failure and so on are common in Kidney Failure patients.

If necessary,doctor will advise you to do Kidney Dialysis to delay the development of renal disease. In fact,Dialysis has become the first choice for almost all of Kidney Failure to control the advancing of kidney damage and maintain their life. As a kind of advanced medical mean,dialysis really makes a difference on easing patients’ disease condition. But this is not equal to that it can teat your kidney damage.

So why will Kidney Failure patients be malnourished?

1. For Kidney Failure patients,massive leakage of protein and limited intake are the main cause of malnutrition. Moreover,the intake of medicine,less exercise,loneliness and depression all can cause the reduced feeding,especially in elder patients.

2. Endocrine Disorder. Kidney Failure will effect patients’ internal secretion,influencing the metabolism of protein and glucose. At the same time,it may also promote the increase of catabolism hormone.

3. Kidney Dialysis may cause lost of more protein and amino acid,aggravating malnutrition.

Besides,inflammation,acidosis,etc will also inhibit the synthesis of albumin,exacerbating malnutrition.

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