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Pay Attention to Increased Urination of Old People

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-11 10:21

Pay Attention to Increased Urination of Old PeopleIncreased urination of the old is very common in old people. With age,this situation will become more and more obvious. It is regrettable that the almost all of us think that increased urination is harmless. However,for some of the old man,it may not a normal physiological phenomenon or physiological need,but a potential morbid state.

There are several reasons as follows:

1. Physiological reasons.

Too much soup,gruel in supper or a lot of drinking water,strong tea or coffee before bed may can also cause the increased urination.

2. Mental factors

Owing to mental stress,sleeplessness and nervousness,the frequency of urination will be increased and form habitual night urination.

3. Renal problems

The renal concentrating function of all most of old people may decrease obviously and the urination in hight will be increased. Especially for the elderly patients with high blood pressure,arteriosclerosis or renal insufficiency,and so on. Renal artery sclerosis will cause the insufficient renal blood supply that will worsen the deterioration of renal concentrating function. And then the urine volume will increase,especially in the night. it's worth noting that the increased urination is usually the most early symptoms of renal impairment.

4. Detrusor of bladder

For old man,detrusor of bladder will shrink,which may caused the decreased contractility and diminish the actual capacity of the bladder. And then it may common to see the increase urination.

5. Genitourinary tract disease

There some lesions on both elderly men and senile women are common. Prostatic hypertrophy of elderly will oppress and stimulate bladder neck and make the bladder to shrink,leading to the frequent urination. Besides,increased urination is more obvious. For senile women,prolapse of uterus and slack of bladder neck tissue will make the cystocele,causing increased and frequent urination in night.

6. Endocrine and cardiovascular disease

Diabetes,diabetes insipidus,cardiac insufficiency and so on will also cause the increased urination. In addition,some scholars believe that the increased urination is closely related to the decreased antidiuretic hormone and the lack of the regularity in day or night.


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