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Why Do My Feet Are Swollen with Kidney Failure Creatinine 2.15

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-21 15:36

Why Do My Feet Are Swollen with Kidney Failure Creatinine 2.15“My feet were swollen and I felt not well,but I did not know what happened with my body. Then I went to see the doctor,he said that my kidneys are failure.” one Kidney Failure patient said. Actually,this problem is very common for many kidney disease patients. they did not know when did the disease occur and they even did not fell uncomfortable either in early stage of Kidney Failure. Here is a brief article about Kidney Failure and edema that may can help you. Online Doctor may can help you get more information quickly.

Kidney Failure is a long-term disease caused by various reasons. Owing to the chronicity and complexity,in early stage of disease,there are no obvious symptoms that remind patients of the existence of the disease,which makes it difficult for people to discover the disease. What’s worse,when patients feel uncomfortable and go to see doctor or take physical examination,in this case,the disease condition is not optimistic.

Creatinine is a important indicator of renal function. It can reflect the renal parenchymal damage more accurately. However,it is not a sensitive index. Only when GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) drops in to normal 1/3,creatinine will increase obviously. That is to say,high creatinine means that your kidneys has been damaged badly. Creatinine 2.15 signifies that patients condition is worsen into renal insufficiency. In this stage,some symptoms and complications are appearing. Swollen feet is just one of the symptoms of Kidney Failure,belonging to edema.

If you are diagnosed with Kidney Failure and suffering from the edema, your doctor may firstly advise you to take some diuretic to relieve the edema level. However,the edema is fundamentally caused by the damaged kidneys,thus diuretic can not treat your disease condition.

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