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Why Do I Feel Sleepy & Weakness with Kidney Failure Creatinine 2.0

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-20 15:09

Why Do I Feel Sleepy & Weakness with Kidney Failure Creatinine 2.0Kidney Failure is a kind of chronic,progressing renal parenchyma damage,which may lead to renal atrophy obviously. Then the damaged kidneys can not maintain its basic functions and a series of clinical syndrome will also appear. Such as the retention of metabolite,acid-base imbalance and so on. So why do Kidney Failure patients feel sleepy and weakness with creatinine 2.0 ? Online doctor can help you get more information more quickly for free.

Owing to the chronicity and complexity of Kidney Failure,a long-term lesions of kidneys cause the very serious consequence. However,in early stage of disease, there are less obvious symptoms that remind people of the existence of the disease. When patients feel uncomfortable and go to see doctor or check their body,the disease condition is not optimistic.

Creatinine 2.0 refers to that the disease is worsen into stage 2 and is nearly to stage 3. In this stage,some obvious symptoms and complications are occurring. Tiredness,weak and poor appetite may are the early symptoms of Kidney Failure and are also easier to be ignored.

There are several points that cause these symptoms:

1. Too much accumulation of toxin,such as creatinine,BUN(Blood Urea Nitrogen) etc,may reduce the gastrointestinal peristalsis and effect the gastrointestinal digestion-absorption function,causing the poor nutrient absorption. Besides,some toxin may also cause nausea,emesis,which makes the loss of nutrients and damage their health.

2. A long-term chronic loss of blood. High toxin leads to the bleeding even hematemesis.

3. Leakage of massive proteinuria aggravate the patients condition and cause the malnutrition .

4. Anemia. Different level of anemia cause the insufficient oxygen supply,which may lead to weakness and dizziness.

In conclusion,a regular physical examination is beneficial for people to control and relieve their disease condition. That is to say,the timely and effective treatments play a crucial role. A conservative therapy named Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy offers a better choice for Kidney Failure.

If you are looking for a replacement therapy and are also interested in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine),leave message on below or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com and wr are glad to provide more detailed and professional guidance for you.

May this is helpful to you or your family.


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