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Chest Pain In Kidney Failure: Causes and Treatments

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-25 16:17

Chest Pain In Kidney Failure: Causes and TreatmentsKidney Failure is one condition that kidneys nearly lose all of their function to work, so a series of symptoms and complications occur. Many of these patients complain of chest pain. If you have this problem, read on to find out causes and treatments of chest pain in kidney failure.

How does kidney failure cause chest pain?

Healthy kidneys have three typical functions: filtering out extra fluid, wastes and toxins, regulating blood pressure and maintaining electrolyte balance. Also, kidneys have close link with heart health and many other organs’ health. When kidneys fail completely, they may cause the following conditions, thus resulting in chest pain.

- Fluid retention in chest: If kidney failure patients restrict their fluid intake incorrectly, this can lead to volume overload. Then, patients are more likely to have fluid retention in eyelids, lower legs or even chest cavity. From this point, fluid retention in chest is one reason of chest pain.

- Inflammation around the heart: With the decline of kidney function level, more and more urea deposits in the body. Too much urea can trigger inflammation in chest, resulting in pleuritis and chest pain.

- Coronary artery disease: Cardiovascular disease, like coronary artery disease, is one common complication of kidney failure. With this disease, arteries are blocked and blood flow into heart is restricted, while chest pain is one sign of this disease.

How to alleviate chest pain for kidney failure patients?

The clinical treatment plan should depend on the causes. Since patients’ chest pain is due to fluid retention, build up of urea and blood vascular blockage, we can know the following treatments are effective.

- Dialysis: Dialysis has an effect of eliminating urea and extra fluid so that it can help control chest pain, which is caused by fluid retention and inflammation around the heart.

- Traditional Chinese Medicine: Chinese medicines have an obvious superiority on regulating inner body disorder and improving blood circulation. Through increasing blood flow and expanding blood vessels, Traditional Chinese medicine is indeed helpful to deal with coronary artery disease and ease chest pain.

In addition, healthy diet and lifestyle is also essential to prevent and manage chest pain. To get more information of Chinese medicine, dialysis or diet plan, welcome to leave a message below for you.


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