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What Causes Nose Bleeding for Renal Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-22 09:21

What Causes Nose Bleeding for Renal FailureMany renal failure patients feel panic when their nose bleeds. What causes nose bleeding for renal failure? Is it dangerous? In the following, you will have a general knowledge of nose bleeding.

What causes nose bleeding for renal failure?

-High blood pressure

The damaged kidney can stimulate the excretion of renin so as to increase the blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage nasal mucosa and cause nose bleeding.

-Blood clotting abnormalities

Blood clotting abnormalities often occur in people with kidney failure accompanied by uremic syndrome. Too much wastes and toxins in your blood make you easily have nose bleeding.

-Drug abuse

In order to prevent your blood clotting, you may take blood thinning medications, which may lead to nose bleeding. Anti-inflammatory medication, such as immunosuppressors and glucocorticoids can also cause nose bleeding.

In addition, alcohol abuse, infection and allergy can cause nose bleeding as well.

How to treat nose bleeding for renal failure?

Under normal circumstance, you do not go to see a doctor when you suffer from nose bleeding. You can just take some measures to stop nose bleeding. But you should try to avoid these factors which can cause nose bleeding. For example, control your high blood pressure, do not use drugs without the permission of your doctor, give up drinking and so on. The underlying cause of nose bleeding is the loss of kidney function. Traditional Chinese Medicine stereoscopic therapies, such as enema therapy, medicated bath, circle therapy, oral Chinese medicine, hot compress therapy and so on. They can activate the original qi in the kidney, eliminate pathogenic factors, and remove the wastes from the blood. Your kidney will gradually recover after a period of treatment. Moreover, your whole body will become harmonious and balanced. For more information, you can contact our online doctors.


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