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What Are The Side Effects Of Hormones On Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-10-15 14:45

Side Effects,Kidney Disease,Hormones1. Concurrent or aggravating infection.

It is more common in patients with serious illness and weak constitution. Because the patient's original resistance is poor, and hormones inhibit the body's defense function, it is conducive to the occurrence and spread of bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, fungi and viruses. Therefore, in the long-term use of hormones, we should be alert to concurrent infection. Hormones can partially obscure the symptoms of infection, making it easy to delay diagnosis.

2. Cause electrolyte imbalance.

Hormones can cause diuresis, but in the early stage of initial treatment, hormones have not yet played a diuretic role, but will occur water, sodium retention, aggravating edema. Hormones can increase calcium and phosphorus excretion, reduce calcium absorption, long-term large-scale application, can cause osteoporosis, spontaneous fractures and aseptic femoral head necrosis, should be noted.

3. Digestive system complications

It can cause aggravating peptic ulcer disease, and even induce bleeding and perforation.

4. Neuropsychiatric symptoms

Can cause excitement, insomnia, individual can induce mental illness, can be used with sedative sedatives.

5. Inhibit growth and development

Seen in children with long-term use of hormones, because hormones have anti-growth hormone effect, and cause negative protein balance.

6. Similar adrenal hyperfunction.

Such as heart obesity, full moon face, acne, hairy, weakness, hypokalemia, hypertension, diabetes and so on.

7. Other

Long-term use of hormones can also induce cataract, glaucoma, poor wound healing, thrombosis and embolism, hyperhidrosis and night sweat, and menstrual disorders.

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