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What Symptoms Indicate Renal Insufficiency

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-15 15:31

Renal InsufficiencyKidney is very important to us, it can be said to be the root of our life activities, so we must pay attention to the maintenance and care of the kidneys. If the kidney is bad, it will have a great influence on all the functions of our body, and even our work and life will be very bad. Therefore, we should learn to judge whether the renal function is normal. So how can I be able to judge?

When renal function is bad, many wastes are difficult to be excreted from the urine, and there will be mental fatigue, fatigue, fatigue and so on. Kidney disease, protein and other nutrients from the kidney leakage, excreted through the urine.

Do not want to eat, anorexia, even nausea, vomiting, kidney disease is also a common symptom. Some patients always think that there is a problem in the digestive system or liver system.

The number of urination in healthy people is about 4~6 times a day, and the amount of urine is about 800-2000 mg. If the number of urination is too much or too little, excessive or too little urination is a kind of abnormal signal of kidney, which should be caused mainly. Too much water, too long sleep time, too fat, eyelids, face, calf and other parts may appear a little edema, but if it is not like this, we should doubt the signal given by our kidneys.

Diabetes can cause Kidney Disease. Its name is diabetic nephropathy. It is a complication of diabetes. Diabetic nephropathy is divided into five stages. It will be better in the early stage of treatment. Once it is late, it will be difficult to treat and develop into uremia.

Anemia patients often go to the Department of Hematology to see anemia, this is a thinking pattern, but in fact, in addition to the function of excretory waste, the kidneys have endocrine function, secreting hematopoietic hormones, when renal function damage, it will also cause anemia problems.

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