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Seven Early Signs Of Chronic Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-13 15:52

Chronic Kidney Disease,Core Tips: the urine volume is too much or too little, the average urine volume of normal people is 1500 milliliter / day, daily urine 4~8 times, if there is no fever, a lot of sweating, a large amount of drinking water and so on, and the urine volume suddenly decrease or increase suddenly, need to go to the doctor in time.

In recent years, the incidence of kidney disease is getting higher and higher. Many factors such as infection, overwork, long time holding back urine, and disorderly use of drugs may lead to kidney disease.

Some people have always been healthy, but when they have obvious symptoms of discomfort, they are diagnosed as uremia and have serious complications. In fact, most uremic patients are developed from early chronic kidney disease.

How can we detect early chronic kidney disease?

1. The eyelid or facial edema occurred at the time of morning. In severe cases, the medial, lower extremities and lumbosacral regions of the ankle will become edema. Usually, these symptoms aggravate when they are tired, relieve at rest, and disappear in the afternoon.

2. the foam of the urine is much more and it does not disappear for a long time. This indicates that there are more proteins in the urine.

3. color change of urine. Normal urine is pale beer, and its color is transparent. If the urine is thick brown and soy sauce color, it should be treated as early as possible.

4. high blood pressure. Some people have high blood pressure for a long time. They can't feel dizziness or headache. The blood pressure can be judged by measuring blood pressure.

5. unexplained low back pain.

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