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Once Kidney Disease Patients Get Cold, What Should We Do

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-04-12 16:49

Kidney disease is a kind of immune disease. Hormones and immunosuppressive therapy will reduce immune function and resist foreign invasion. Kidney disease patients should pay attention on cold, which will aggravate and relapse the illness conditions. But, due to low immunity that patients are easy to get cold, which seems can not be changed.

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Once kidney disease patients get cold, what should we do?

Slight cold

If you have a common cold or a slight cold, you do not take any medicine. Or you can choose some mild pure Chinese medicine to alleviate the symptoms in a short time. When you choose drugs, you must avoid the use of unknown or unidentified drug components of Chinese patent medicine.

If the symptom is lighter, you can drink plenty of water or brewed ginger soup to improve the ability of kidney to remove toxins, and the ability to fend off the cold.

Once you find the illness condition is developing quickly, and has the trend of bacterial infection that you should to see a doctor in timely.

If the immunosuppressant is being used, you can reduce the dose or stop it during the cold.

In addition, if you have the exercise habits that you should avoid too much exercise during cold, you should walk slowly.

If you are a weaker patient that you should take exercise within two to three weeks after the cold is relieved, you should enhance the physique and immunity to fight cold.

Do not do too much exercise, you can try Tai Chi, fast walking, yoga and so on.

Besides, remember to wear masks, pay attention to personal hygiene.

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