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Does Kidney Failure Cause Joint Pain

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-06 16:19

Does Kidney Failure Cause Joint PainKidney Failure may cause many symptoms, such as anemia, edema, frequent urination, foamy or blood urine, headache and high blood pressure. Does kidney failure cause joint pain?

What causes joint pain for kidney failure patients?

-The kidneys produce vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium and keeps bones strong. For patients with kidney failure, their kidneys can not excrete enough vitamin D. Because the calcium absorption is affected, bones may become brittle and cause joint pain.

-Joint pain may be related with the accumulation of uric acid. Because kidney fails to clear them, they will store in the blood. Excess uric acid is likely to become urate crystal. If crystal deposits in the joint, it will cause joint pain.

-Too much phosphorus will lead to the loss of calcium in bones, so joint pain may also occur as a result of high phosphorus levels in the blood.

-Joint pain may be caused by the building up of protein called amyloid. It may deposit in joints all over the body, leading to joint pain. This condition is more common in people who have undergone hemodialysis for more than five years.

-Joint pain may have relation with side effects of medicine. Corticosteroids are very common for kidney failure patients to control their proteinuria, but long term-use of them will contribute to joint pain.

Treatment to joint pain caused by kidney failure

-To treat joint pain, you should supply enough vitamin D.

-If the joint pain is caused by uric acid, you should reduce the intake of foods, such as beef, mutton, turkey, which produce much uric acid.

-Lessen the intake of phosphorus. Food such as nuts, seafood and cheese should be limited.

-Dialysis-related amyloidosis can not be treated, because amyloid can not be removed by dialysis. Polluted Blood Therapy is a new blood purification method. It can not only remove the wastes in the blood, but also remove the stasis substances on the blood vessels.

-If possible, taking some natural herbs instead of corticosteroids.

All in all, joint pain is caused by kidney impairment, so improving kidney function is the key to getting rid of joint pain. Please contact our online doctors if you would like more information about how to improve kidney function.


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