Why Patients with Kidney Failure Need to Reduce Creatinine Level Timely

2016-10-18 12:02

Kidney Failure,Chinese Medicine,Reduce Creatinine LevelWhy patients with Kidney Failure need to reduce Creatinine Level timely? Reduce creatinine level need to treat kidney disease from root to prevent it will rise up again. We need to have a clear recognize about serum creatinine level at first. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What should we know about serum creatinine level?

Creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism, is a toxin excreted by the kidney. Once it higher than normal that means the kidneys have some kind of damage now, just like when wen get hurt that we can not work well too. So does kidneys. But there still have great chance for you to get good recover from it.

Actually ,creatinine increasing is caused by the renal glomerulus impaired. As long as the sclerosis glomerulus get repaired ,the filtration function recovered ,the complete renal function will restore, then the creatinine will be excreted out naturally. If patients do not take treatment timely, more and more glomerulus will sclerosis and necrosis day by day till kidney function disappear, and the dead glomerulus can not be repaired any more.

What kind of treatment can help kidney failure patients reduce creatinine effectively?

Timely treatment should be the most important thing for patients with kidney failure. Hormone and dialysis can only reduce creatinine in a short time but can not repair the damage on kidneys to restore kidney function.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital mainly use Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy, which can clean out all the toxins in blood, and repair the the damaged glomerulars, then improve kidney function. Once kidney function recovered, creatinine will be excreted out natually.

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