What Should Kidney Failure Patients Do When They Have Hydronephrosis

2016-10-06 11:04

Kidney Failure,Hydronephrosis,Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress TherapyWhat should Kidney Failure patients do when they have Hydronephrosis? Hydronephrosis is a common symptom after kidney failure, in this time, patient will feel pain on back and dysuresia, with the aggravation of illness condition, kidney function will decrease too, which imperial in life health. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why kidney failure will cause to hydronephrosis?

1. pain

Generally, pain appears in waist and stomach for this kind of patient, it is mainly for kidney obstruction. For example, Hydronephrosis caused by urinary calculus often has strong sense of angina. Hydronephrosis caused by Urinary tumour often has slight sense of pain, sometimes there is no symptoms at all.

2. frequent urination and urgent urination

When kidney failure patients have dysuresia, for example, Benign Prostatic Hyperp lasia often shown as dysuresia, which is mainly for urinary obstruction existence, urinary infection appears repeatedly.

3. it can be found after checking

Urinary obstruction disease will cause to hydronephrosis, but not usually has obvious clinical symptoms and signs. It relates to the forming rate and cause of hydronephrosis, it is not the mainly reason of patients going to hospital, there are some other patients who has no clinical manifestation, it can only be found in ultrasound-B test.

4. it should be treated in time

Hydronephrosis appear in kidney failure patients, which shows that illness condition is serious. In this time, you should not delay diagnosis and prevent will cause to serious consequence.

How should kidney failure patients with Hydronephrosis take treatment timely?

Besides necessary dialysis and hormone treatment that Chinese medicine with function of repair damage and promote blood circulation is also necessary for patients.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy can be matched with dialysis and hormone treatment to reduce side effects of them and help patients restore kidney function to treat for Hydronephrosis well.

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