How to Prevent the Damage of Renal Hypertension for Kidney Failure Patients

2016-10-04 11:10

Kidney Failure,Renal Hypertension,Chinese Medicine and Western MedicineHow to prevent the damage of Renal Hypertension for Kidney Failure patients? It is a very common symptom for patients with kidney failure have renal anemia and renal hypertension. Especially about the renal hypertension will lead to a series of damage on patients. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the damages of Renal hypertension for kidney failure patients?

Arteriosclerosis: Pathological damage of high blood pressure, aged patients is more, man is more than woman.

Kidney function damage: diuresis, proteinuria and blood urine: long-term high blood pressure history, kidney tubules damage,or earlier than proteinuria,causing to urine at night increasing. Patients over 40-50, high blood pressure is between 5-10 years. Urine at night increases and then proteinuria, some cases may have temporal gross blood pressure for blood vessels cracks. Course of disease develops slowly, most of kidney function damaged slightly and regular urine abnormal, kidney function progressive decreased, and few parts down to kidney failure.

cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: mostly complicated with arteriosclerotic retinopathy, left ventricular hypertrophy,coronary heart disease,heart failure, cerebral arteriosclerosis.

What can we do for kidney failure patients with this kind of condition?

For this kind of patients they need to repair the damage on kidneys to make kidneys can work well. Then pressure and blood through kidneys can be normal and no more damage on kidneys too. Treat disease should from the root reason.

Chinese medicine matched with Western medicine will have great function to help patients alleviate renal hypertension from root.

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