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Kidney Failure Patients Memory Loss and Confusion after Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-10 10:01

Kidney Failure Patients Memory Loss and Confusion after DialysisIn order to relieve the symptoms of Kidney Failure, most of the patients choose to do the dialysis, which can help filter some harmful waste out of the blood. While, there is not a prefect thing, the dialysis always bring so many painful side effects to kidney failure patients, such as the memory loss and confusion after the dialysis. do you know how to get rid of them? Our ONLINE DOCTOR can guide you a lot.

Why kidney failure patients will appear memory loss and confusion after the dialysis

The kidney failure patients who have done the dialysis know that it needs about three or four hours to do the dialysis. And due to the damages of the kidney, the kidney failure patients always have a weak immunity, which can easily lead to the fever. As we all know, when we are suffering the fever, we always have a poor memory. Another important reason is the anemia. The dialysis can bring away the toxic waste, it also can waste some fresh blood, which can cause the anemia.

Natural Chinese medical treatments to get rid of the memory loss and confusion for kidney failure patients

The Chinese Medicated Bath in our hospital is a great way to the kidney failure patients who just finished the dialysis. this therapy is the combination of Chinese medical herbs and a certain of hot water. After the dialysis, the kidney failure patients can soak their clod body into the hot medicated bath. Then the hot medical gas can warm the cold body. On the one side, some of Chinese medicine can penetrate into the patients’ bodies and repaired the injured cells and tissues. On the other side, some of the toxic waste will be flow away by some sweat.

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