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Will Kidney Failure Cause Rash

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-14 10:51

Will Kidney Failure Cause RashWill Kidney Failure cause rash? Skin rash means some problems has damaged the skin. Find out the underlying causes, and then take some corresponding treatments. These methods can help kidney failure patients regain healthy skin.

How does kidney failure lead to skin rash?

Kidney failure refers to end stage renal disease (ESRD), in which nearly all kidney function is lost, so kidneys can’t play their filtration and regulation function properly. Finally, a series of symptoms occur, and some of them can provoke skin rash.

The leading cause is the build up of waste products and extra phosphorus. When kidneys lose their ability to deal with these wastes, they will deposit in the bloodstream. This can induce skin rashes or severe itching directly.

Another reason of rash for kidney failure patients is infection. Immune system has a close link with kidneys. With the decline of kidney function, patients’ immunity also reduces. Therefore, kidney failure patients are usually at a high risk for infections.

What can we do to treat rash?

Now, we have make clear the causes of skin rash for kidney failure patients. The following thing we need to do is to manage it.

Firstly, we should provide a clean environment for skin and kidneys, so correct blood purification method is needed. Plasma exchange, immune adsorption, CRRT, hemofiltration, etc, can be used repeatedly to help clear waste products and extra phosphorus both in the blood vessels and adhering to vascular walls. Then, patients’ skin rash can be alleviated largely.

Secondly, improving kidney function level is a fundamental way to enhance kidney failure patients’ life quality. Here, some Chinese medicines may be helpful. As introduced by doctors of TCM, Chinese medicines can help prompt the restoration of damaged kidney cells and rebuild kidney structure. Find out what medicines are useful for you.

Lastly, a scientific diet plan and healthy lifestyle is also important for treating and preventing the recurrence of skin rash. For example, avoid excitant foods, alcohol and smoking.


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