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Causes and Treatments of Swollen Body in Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-11 09:32

Causes and Treatments of Swollen Body in Kidney FailureSwollen body refers to swelling appearing in some regions such as legs, feet, hands, face, etc, for kidney failure patients. In most cases, swelling isn’t life-threatening, but it does affect patients’ life quality largely. Today, we are here to talk about causes and treatments of swollen body for kidney failure patients.

Causes of swollen body in kidney failure

Kidney failure can be caused by various kidney disorders such as IgA Nephropathy and FSGS. When nearly all of kidney function is lost, swelling is more likely to develop in the body. In most cases, two conditions can lead to swelling.

- Water and sodium retention: This reason is commonly seen in kidney failure due to glomerulonephritis, because water and sodium retain in the body easily when glomeruli fail to work and the permeability of blood capillary increases.

- A heavy loss of protein: As a large amount of protein leaks from the blood, the plasma colloid osmotic pressure will decrease. Therefore, more fluid will settle in some tissues.

Treatments of swollen body in kidney failure

Now, we have known why kidney failure patients have swelling. The following thing we need to do is to alleviate it via effective treatments.

- Restrict the intake of fluid and sodium: Extra fluid and sodium intake may not only worsen swelling but also cause or aggravate high blood pressure.

- Take in high-quality protein: High-quality protein such as lean meat and egg white can help increase plasma colloid osmotic pressure, so as to ease swollen body.

- Eat correct medications: Some medications such as diuretics and steroids have an effect of increasing the urine output and inhibiting the protein leakage. In fact, some herbal medicines with fewer side effects also have the property of diuretics or steroid. If you want to know more about these herbal medicines, you can email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.

Since damaged glomeruli are the root cause, some treatments that can help repair damaged kidney cells are also needed such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy. However, always remember never accept any treatment plan blindly without doctors’ guidance.


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