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Does Renal Failure Cause Muscles to Jerk

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-06 15:12

Does Renal Failure Cause Muscles to JerkIf you are experiencing renal failure, or kidney failure, you may deeply understand that complications of renal failure are sometimes more excruciating than renal failure itself. Muscle is just one potential tissue involved commonly in kidney problem. Does renal failure cause muscles to jerk?

As its name indicates, renal failure describes nearly all of kidney function is lost. Kidneys are remarkable oranges that can help cleanse blood, regulate blood pressure and maintain electrolyte balance. However, when kidneys can’t do their work properly, many problems associated with kidneys will appear. Muscle cramps, muscle jerk, or muscle switching, is just one of them.

How does renal failure cause muscles to jerk?

With diseased kidneys, more and more waste products and toxins build up in the body that can disturb the electrolyte balance largely. Finally, the following conditions can lead muscles to jerk.

1. High phosphorus and low calcium level in the blood: Phosphorus is more likely to build up in the blood with the decline of kidney function. Extra phosphorus in the body can pull calcium out of the bone, thus resulting in low calcium level. This can lead to muscle jerk easily.

2. Vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, as it can help the body use calcium from foods what we eat. With low levels of vitamin D, patients may suffer from muscle cramps or jerk easily.

3. Poor blood circulation: When kidneys are damaged, blood circulation is also affected. In this case, poor blood circulation in some areas may cause muscle to jerk.

4. Dehydration: It is another reason for this problem. For people with kidney failure, restricted fluid intake is more likely to result in dehydration.

From the above analysis, we can know renal failure does cause muscles to jerk, but the causes differ from case to case. ( If you still don’t know what leads to your problem, you can leave a message in the below form to kidney experts at kidney healthy  web.)

If left alone, muscle cramps are more likely to cause more severe complications. Therefore, effective and prompt treatments should be sought timely.


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