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Why Patient With Kidney Failure Often Has Hypertension

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-29 14:36

Why Patient With Kidney Failure Often Has HypertensionHypertension is a common symptom in patient with kidney failure. It is caused by patient’s kidney damage, and it can also aggravate patient’s condition severely.

Why patient with kidney failure often has hypertension?

Kidney has the function of excreting hormones, among which renin is important in regulating blood pressure. As patient’s disease progression, the blood flow in kidneys will also be reduced, which will stimulate the excretion of renin, while renin can act on liver, and promote liver to excrete angiotensins. Except for angiotensins’ function in shrinking blood vessel, angiotensins can also act on aldosterone, while aldosterone can promote the reabsorption of kidney tubule to water and sodium, which can increase the effective blood volume. As a result, the shrinkage of blood vessel and the increase of blood volume can make patient’s blood pressure rise.

On the other hand, kidney failure can also cause the decrease of some substances like prostaglandin, plasmakinin, which are excreted by medulla nephrica. These substances have the function of expanding blood vessel, so that will aggravate patient’s condition.

Another common reason of hypertension is the retention of sodium and water, which is also caused by patient’s kidney damage.

As we know, a major function of kidney is filtering out the excess fluid in body. While for patients with kidney failure, they often have the retention of water and sodium, which can increase the blood flow, and too much blood flow can cause patient to have high blood pressure.

How does kidney disease patient treat high blood pressure?

To treat this symptom, some common medicines that can lower blood pressure will be used, like ACEI and ARB, and that can control patient’s blood pressure effectively.

While the root of high blood pressure is patient’s kidney damage, so patients should take measures to improve their kidney function. Except for treatment, patient’s diet and life habits are very important for improving their kidney function, and it is better for patients to follow their doctor and a dietitian’s advice in the changes of these aspects.

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