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30% Uremia Due to Drug Abuse: Pay Attention to the Medicines You Take

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-08-06 17:47

30% Uremia Due to Drug Abuse: Pay Attention to the Medicines You TakeAccording to a recent research, there are nearly 30% kidney disease are induced by medicines abuse. Among the medicine list which have toxic effect on kidneys, antibiotic is at the first place, Diuretics and contrast are list in the second side by side. So here, i remind people to pay attent to the medicines you take, especially the patients who have got Chronic Kidney Disease.

Drug-induced renal injury is caused by drug abuse or drug overdose. It is known that kidney plays an important role in excreting the wasts and toxins, if you take too much drugs that will add work load to it, after a long time, it will hurt the kidney. If you take some nephrotoxic drugs that will make further damage to your kidney. With the kidney function decreased, the creatinine level can not be removed and they will build up in the body, thus induce high creatinine level.

For patient with Chronic Kidney Disease, their kidneys have been damaged in some degrees. If they mistake some medicines that may make further damage to the kidneys, even increase the risk of death.

Experts pointed out that people should not take any medicines by themself, especially the patients with CKD, they should consult the doctors before make any decision. And remember that do not change the does of medicine without the doctors permit. No matter what, try your best to avoid take medicine, if have to, choose some medicines with minimal damage to your renal.

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