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Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Kidney Failure Stage 5

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-03-23 17:17

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Kidney Failure Stage 5Can Traditional Chinese Medicine treat Kidney Failure Stage 5? Kidney Disease can not only influence patient’s health, but also influence patient’s mood. TCM has a good effect on kidney disesae patients. Now let us tell you something about that.

The functions of TCM Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help patient improve physical fitness and immune system through the overall conditioning. Due to many toxins in Kidney Failure Stage 5 patient’s body, they will damage many organs in patient’s body and cause the immune system decline. All kinds of infection and low immune system are the main reasons of death for Kidney Failure patients.

According to the long history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has a very precise role in regulating the body’s immune system. The most important is that many Chinese medicines have two-way adjustment functions which have no side effects during treatment. Some symptoms such as low appetite, vomiting, nausea and fatigue, in ESRD will disappear effectively and fundamentally through the natural therapies.

How do TCM treatments treat Kidney Failure Stage 5 patients?

Toxin-Removing Therapy based on TCM can help patients protect the rest kidney function and repair parts of damaged kidney tissues and cells to improve some kidney function. It can also cleanse the blood effectively to provide good condition and environment for further treatments. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the characteristic treatments that help patients repair kidney lesion and regulate immune balance. It is an external application therapy without discomfort.

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