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Is it good to drink tea Dandelion after Kidney Transplant in stage 4 kidney failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-03-03 10:36

tea dandelion, kidney transplantKidney Transplant is a surgery that is used for Patients in Stage 4 Kidney Failure. When you only accepted this Surgery , you still should pay attention to your diet and drinks. The patients can drink tea Dandelion after Kidney Transplant. Whether you can drink tea Dandelion that you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR in free.

Because the Dandelion is full of Vitamin A, B, C and D, Iron, potassium and Zinc, which is good to your healthy. It is also as herbal medicine, Dandelion leaves and Roots can be made as tea.

Kidney Transplant is done to replace the diseased Kidney with healthy kidneys. If successful, transplanted Kidney can filter The Blood normally. Then, patients Don't have to worry about the health. However, the kidneys to inhibit Secondary fault, the patients had better follow a diet plan.

Normally, patients can still drink the right amount of Tea Dandelion after kidney transplantation, if your kidneys are working normally and produce urine. Otherwise, it had better control your consumption of tea, Dandelion, which can increase the burden of kidney in this condition.

For the majority of patients after kidney transplantation, The Dandelion Tea can bring the following benefits for these patients.

1. Clearing away toxins and excess wastes: It is proven that Dandelion can help the kidneys remove Waste Products, Salt and Excess Fluid. This plant can also prevent the growth of bacteria in the Urinary System.

2. Antioxidants. Antioxidants can help protect the kidneys and other organs damage, while the Dandelion root in antioxidants. Therefore, can help to protect the transplanted Kidney in a certain extent.

3. Controlling High Blood Pressure, diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and diabetes are the most common causes of kidney disease. If patients have any of these problems, you can choose the Dandelion Tea root or Leaf Tea Dandelion to drink.

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