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Managements for Stage 4 Kidney Failure without Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-09 09:56

Managements for Stage 4 Kidney Failure without DialysisThe stage 4 Kidney Failure also can called as stage 4 CKD, which is caused by sever damages of the kidney. In this stage, kidney function declines, waste products build up in the blood causing a condition known as uremia. And when the conditions of patients worsen to the stage 4 Kidney Failure, they may think they need dialysis and kidney transplant in the near future. While, the dialysis and kidney transplant are not the only options to the stage 4 kidney failure patients. If you communicate with our ONLIEN DCOTOR, you can get more managements for stage 4 kidney failure.

“four one” Chinese traditional treatment to manage stage 4 kidney failure

1. A kettle of oral Chinese medicine

This is the first step of our therapy and which is also is the basic of our treatment. It is made by various kinds of the Chinese medical herbs, which has the function of detoxification. As well as, this medicine can invigorate blood vessels and dissolve blood stasis.

2. A dose of micro Chinese medicine

This step is the elite of our treatments. There are some Chinese medical powders in this therapy, which can be sent to the internal body and reach to the damaged kidney parts. So the injured kidney cells and tissues will be treated directly. And the immune system of the patients will be improved by this therapy.

3. A bottle of Maikang composition

The Maikang composition tastes a little biter, become it is also made by our Chinese medical herbs. It is always be used to improve the blood circulation and reduce the blood fat. And it also has the function of anti-thrombosis and anti-aging.

4. A basin of Chinese medical foot bath

This step is supposed to apply at night. Before the patients going to bed, they can soak their foot in the hot medical bath. Then the whole blood circulation will be improved a lot, and the patients also can gain a good sleep at night.

After a series treating, the condition of stage 4 kidney failure will improved a lot, and they never need to do the dialysis or kidney transplant. If you are attracted by our therapy, you can send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882.


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