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Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure Be Reversed Back To Stage 3

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-29 14:29

Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure Be Reversed Back To Stage 3Can stage 4 kidney failure be reversed back to stage 3? Patient with stage 4 kidney failure may have this wish. In fact, it can be achieved, but that also depends on patient’s condition.

How the stages of kidney failure are divided?

Kidney failure is a state that patient’s kidney function is damaged partially or completely, so kidney fail to filter the wastes in blood adequately. Kidney failure is determined by the decrease of glomerular filtration rate (GFR), and kidney failure is divided into five stages. For patient with stage 4 kidney failure, his GFR is about 15~29ml/min. For patient with stage 3 kidney failure, his GFR is about 30~59ml/min.

Kidney has the function of filtering the wastes in blood, which is mainly completed by nephron. There are more than one million nephrons in each kidney, and when the nephron in patient’s kidney is damaged, it will lose the function of filtering wastes, so patient’s GFR will decrease.

Can patient’s kidney function of stage 4 be improved to stage 3 ?

Patient may be told that nothing can be done to improve his kidney function, but it is not. Western medicine is good at controlling patient’s condition, but its theory decides that it can do little in improving patient’s kidney function. In fact, patient’s kidney function can be improved greatly by repairing the damaged nephrons, and some Chinese medicine therapies are effective in achieving this goal, like immunotherapy, blood polluted therapy, micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, etc. These therapies base on traditional Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine is good at improving patent’s self-repairing ability.

Whether patient’s condition can be reversed from stage 4 back to stage 3 is decided by patient’s condition. If patient is in the early period of stage 4, his condition is very likely to be improved, because more nephrons can be repaired in this period. In fact, if the nephron has not been necrotic, it is possible to be repaired.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that kidney failure can not be cured, but the improvement of kidney function can effectively prolong patient’s lifetime, and it is possible to control patient’s condition in stage 3.

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