Home Remedies For Patient With Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2013-11-09 09:07

Home Remedies For Patient With Stage 3 Kidney FailureStage 3 kidney failure means patient has a moderate damage in their kidneys, so patient should take positive measures to cope with their condition. Except for treatment, home remedy is also a helpful way to improve patient’s condition.

Diet plan

This may be the most important measure that kidney failure patient should take at home to deal with his condition. Diet can make a significant influence to patient’s condition, so it is necessary for patient to make a diet plan that is suitable to him. In making diet plan, patient needs to ask help from his doctor and a dietitian, because there are many aspects that should be considered, and the intake of some nutrients should be calculated exactly.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective way to help improve patient’s kidney function. This therapy is a combination of modern technology and traditional Chinese medicine. Modern technology can transport the effective ingredients of Chinese medicine into the lesion part of kidney directly, so as to treat patient’s kidney disease. And Chinese medicine is good at improving patient’s self-repairing ability, so that is also a great help for patient to improve his kidney function.


Lavipeditum is a adjuvant therapy for patient. Its theory is also based on traditional Chinese medicine, but this therapy is very simple. Patient just need to soak the prescribed medicines in hot water, and when the heat of water is suitable, patient dip his feet in the water for a certain time.

This therapy can promote patient’s blood circulation and relax skin, so the medicines can be absorbed into patient’s blood more easily. It is very good for patient to improve his condition.

Besides, patient can also take many other home remedies like TaiChi theory, moxibustion, etc. In fact, it is also very important for patient to pay attention to his life habit, like keeping good emotion, which is very helpful for controlling patient’s condition.

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