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Causes of Anemia with Stage 3 CRF(Chronic Renal Failure)

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-24 10:47

Causes of Anemia with Stage 3 CRF(Chronic Renal Failure)Anemia is a common clinical symptom that the erythrocyte mass has reduced to less than normal in the human peripheral blood. It may lead to many disease that influence patients daily lives. So what are the causes of anemia with stage 3 CRF?

CRF,caused by various reasons,is not a type of independent disease. The renal damage is a longer developing process,so the different stage has different degrees and features. Meanwhile,due to the chronicity of complexity,the CRF is not easy to be found. In the stage 3,some obvious symptoms and minor complications are appearing gradually. Such as edema,hematuria,shortness of breath,and so on. As the time and disease go on,the patients condition will become worse and worse,if the timely and effective treatments are not taken to control the disease process,the patients condition may worsen into the Renal Failure,even ESRF.

The damage kidneys can not work regularly and effectively and the renal secretion function may be also effected badly. The production of EPO will be influenced even reduced,which will decrease the erythropoiesis and cause the anemia. Besides,the toxin,waste or metabolite will kill the red blood cells and worsen the anemia.

Anemia makes the decline of xygen-carrying capacity of the blood,which may causes lesions to the function of systemic organs,increasing the renal burden and worsening the renal disease. In addition,it may also damage the cardiovascular system even cause the heart failure that may lead to sudden death.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good therapy to control the disease condition and relieve symptoms effectively. What’s wore,it can also improve the living quality and prolong the life-pan of patients as far as possible. Comparing to Western Medicine,it has less side-affects to ease the disease condition.

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